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Dfx forum rules

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Dfx forum rules

Post by Veks on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:09 pm

Welcome to DiffuseFX Community! In order to create an enjoyable community for everyone, please follow the following rules:

Dfx forums are free to join, and it serves the community as a social site. As such, please do not disturb other users: Do not use derogatory, accusatory, harassing, irritating, and/or provoking language. Do not express yourself through inappropriate or cussing words. Please avoid ‘flaming’ users by all means. With no exception whatsoever, do not base your discussions on matters of sex, race, religion or ethnic background. If you can’t follow this rule you will be warned or infracted accordingly.

If you need to contact one specific person and just that person, please do so by Private Message (PM).
Do not create a thread, or post in that person's thread with the intent of contact; PM the person, you will save yourself time and an infraction. In addition, PMs are, like its name state, private by all means. You may not publicly post a received PM unless permission is given by the sender.

Marketing of any product with the intent to sell is prohibited, but you may review products. For any type of business transaction is illegal to conduct through forums. Dfx Forums are intended for leisure and entertainment. Furthermore, advertisement of other GFX networks, services, forums, or related is strictly prohibited. You may, however, create threads and discuss about designs;
Breaking this rule will result in an automatic permanent ban from forums.

Impersonation, or misrepresentation of any user, either staff member or not, and regardless the intent to benefit from it or not, is illegal under this rules. You will be banned permanently for taking upon this action.

Chatbox rules: It may be used by all.
Using the Chatbox indicates that you agree to the following:

* Chat in English Language only.

* Use appropriate language and do not instigate fights.

* Limit yourself to a maximum of 5 messages in a row. This is done to prevent flooding and spamming.

* Do not use BB Code other than the one given by the Chatbox panel. This includes attaching images, modifying size fonts, or any other type of code does not fit in one line of regular text. However, quotes are allowed, as long as they are not abused.

NOTE: In addition to these Dfx forum Rules, many forum sections may have their own specific rules posted in a sticky thread. It is your responsibility to read such rules before posting in that section. It is also your responsibility to be updated to changes and amendments done to this Forum Rules; please review them often.



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