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Cosmic Break

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Cosmic Break

Post by Mister on Sun May 22, 2011 1:16 pm

Pretty addictive game . It is with robots , there are these type of robots : Air (weapon users from the air,the best weapon for air types are Beam ones, they are weak at artillery attacks) , Land (melee attacks , the best things that you can use them as weapons are two Viper Shields because you will use their own great skill,they are weak against air attacks) , Artillery / Art (they are specialised in bombs , rockets , bullets and so on , they are weak against melee attacks) . The curency in this game is RT / Root , with RT you can buy awesome weapons , robots , scrolls , tune up materials to tune up your gear and many things.
In this game you can do Union Wars and Team wars. I forgot to mention that there are 3 Unions : Wiz , BRD and DOS . Each of them are in a competition every month to reach the 1st place on the top. I am in the Wiz union which is the best.
Ok so , you can do quests , union wars , team wars , missions like instances , fight against bad ass bosses and get bad ass weapons , parts of gear , scrolls and so on.
That's pretty much I could tell you . Register , play a little and you will see everything more exciting.
Link for the game => http://www.cosmicbreak.com/ <= .
Enjoy and leave your IGN here , mine is : MisterXD
See you in-game !



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