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Bring 50 artists to Dfx community.

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Bring 50 artists to Dfx community.

Post by Veks on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:43 pm

In order to win this competition, you must bring new people, experienced in Photoshop or GFX to the forums.

You must make a list with all the people that you brought in:

Bring 5 people: 250 points
Bring 10 people: 500 points
Bring 20 people: 1000 points
Bring 30 people: 1500 points
Bring 40 people: 2000 points
Bring 50 people: 2500 points

If you make fake accounts, we will find your ip and ban you permanently.
If you bring 20 people and 10 or 5 leave, your points will decrease.

Winner will get special tag+

Credits to Mister for the idea.

Competition started!

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